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Phoenix Stables




Arabian Horses

founded in October, 2004

Home of PS Shahin Al Nabih,

Champion of Pure Type Class of Highland Fling 2007 CM Arab Halter Show

Overall Grand Champion of Highland Fling 2007 CM Arab Halter Show.

Egyptian Event 2007: 3rd Place Most Classic Head Male,

1st Place CM Arabian Stallion, named CM Champion Stallion and

Champion Stallion of the Egyptian Event 2007

EAMA Champion Stallion April 2008

EAMA = European Arabian Modelhorse Association http://homepage.eu/arabianmodelhorses

Standing at Stud!!! Check out his pedigree at Stallions & Breeding Info.

New at Stud:

PS Shahin Al Nabihs` firstborn son:
PS Ibn Shahin
breathtaking black colt

CIMG1667.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany

PS Nadir Al Jamal Jellabi OA


DF Ahvaz Mounir
Swedish Live Show Reserve Champion AR/CM May 2010

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Member of

EAMA  - European Modelhorse Association


ABMHA (All Brands Model Horse Association) http://gcfshows.proboards41.com/index.cgi

EMHRC (Exotic Model Horse Registry & Club) http://emhrc.proboards81.com/index.cgi

MTRA (Model Thoroughbred Racing Association) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MTRA/

Allgemeines Modellpferdeforum http://forum.nehmer.net/modellpferde/index.php

Modellpferdetreff Forum http://www.modellpferdetreff.de/

Modelhorses UK http://www.modelhorses.me.uk/

Kiger Koon http://kigerkoonstable.proboards58.com/index.cgi

Race to Run Again http://racetorunagain.proboards74.com/index.cgi

Custom Modelhorses http://www.custommodelhorse.com/

Top 100 Modelhorse Sites http://topmodelhorse.gotop100.com/index.php

MH$P http://www.modelhorsesalespages.com/sales/

That`s my very first Bedouine Costume; made by Monika Fouquet

My first Western Set: The saddle was made by Doreen McGuire in the USA - pics coming soon.

for more pics please watch out under:


(model horse page)

These are model horses, not real horses and any names of real horses are for educational purposes only.

Dojan & unnamed Saluki

Saluki Show Record:

October 2005 EHS Online Photo Show Class # 44 Dogs: 5th Place

ME Spring Photo Show 2006 Class # 11 Dogs: unnamed 1st Place & Dojan 2nd Place

October 14th, 2005

A huge thanks and congratulations to those of you showing Revelstone customs and DragonStone studio Ceramics on Custom Model Horse. Of special note are Sirpa Hilden and Carole Nomarhas, still placing well with their "older" Revelstone customs; and Karin Huber, for "taking it to them" with her customized DragonStone bisque Arabians - way to go ladies! Crafty River Spinifex, PS Hilal, Azraff Arwen............there's lots of 'em still there, too many to list.
We shall be back next year ourselves with a full showstring, online,
photo and Live so let's get them out there!

Thanks guys for your continued support and apologies for not
mentioning everyone, you are all appreciated!


We are looking for volunteer judges for a series of purebred Model Arabian shows around the world as follows:

Scottsdale Model Arabian Show, USA, to be judged March/April by Robin Holder, Everett, WA, USA. Stay tuned to the site for full classlist and entry guidelines, coming very soon!

Australian National Championship Model Arabian Show, Australia, to be judged late March.

Crabbet Convention Model Arabian Show, Australia, for models representing Crabbet type Arabians only, to be judged in June by Debbie Poole, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Stay tuned to the site for full classlist and entry guidelines.

The Egyptian Event Model Arabian Show, USA, for models representing Egyptian type Arabians only, to be judged in late August. Look for Classlist & Rules under Show Calendar!!!

UK National Championship Model Arabian Show, UK, to be judged in August, to be judged by Lisa Simmons, England, UK. Stay tuned to the site for full classlist and entry guidelines.

Canadian National Championship Model Arabian Show, Canada, to be judged in August.

All Nations Cup Model Arabian Show, Europe, to be judged in September.

US National Championship Model Arabian Show, USA, to be judged in October.

Salon du Cheval/World Championship Model Arabian Show, Europe, to be judged in December.

Judges must be knowledgeable about Arabian breed type, conformation and showing practices in their native countries. While we realize that it might not always be possible, we would prefer that the show judge resides in the country of the show, in other words, an American judge for Scottsdale, US Nationals etc. In the case that we cannot find a suitable judge in the home country (for example All Nations Cup, Europe), we would be happy to use a judge/judges from a neighboring country, in the Nations Cup case for example, a judge from the United Kingdom would suffice. The shows listed below can either be: Photo Show, where the entrants mail in their entries; Online Show, where the entrants email their entries and the photos are uploaded to webshots/personal website for everyone to view; Email Photo Show, where the entrants can email their entries to the show holder who then uploads the photos into classes in their own database system (not uploaded to the web); or lastly, a combination photo and email show where competitors can either mail in or email their entries. While we don't expect to obtain judges for every show listed above for 2005, it is ultimately our goal to have a worldwide circuit of top class model Arabian shows that everyone can enter, perhaps in a few years time we can have more shows/qualifyers etc. Wouldn't it be great?! Please volunteer your interest and help this marvelous Arabian hobby community grow by emailing me under the contact page.

Modelhorse ABC

Abbreviations can look different but mean the same thing. Stablemate can, for example, be shortened "Sm", "Sm ", "Sm.", "Sm. ", "SM", "SM ", "SM." or "SM. ", so Stablemate Arabian Mare can be shortened to SmAM, Sm AM, Sm. AM, SMAM, SM AM, SM.AM och SM. AM (and of course SmAm, SmA.m., SmAM and so on). Some ways of writing abbreviations are more common than others, but in order to learn abbreviations it is much easier if you remember how they can variate. Below I have used the way to write abbreviations that I myself use.

SASE - Self-Adressed Stamped Envelope. An envelope with a stamp that is addressed to yourself. It is very common that people ask for SASEs to send things when others had asked for information or something like that; a pedigree, etceteras. At photoshows a SASE is almost always part of the fee.

Modelhorse brands
AA - Animal Artistry. A line of resins from a resinmaker in England.
AAA - Animal Artistry Alchemy. A line of china models made from AA-resins
BFA -Border Fine Art. English maker of modelhorses
NL -Northlight. English maker of modelhorses
HR - Hagen Renaker. American maker of modelhorses. China.
PS - Peter Stone. One of the largest makers of modelhorses in USA.

Modelhorse magazines
HA -Horsing Around. English magazine
JAH - Just About Horses. Breyer's magazine.
MHN -Modellhäst Nytt, SMHF's magazine.
THHN - The Hobby Horse News. American magazine

Model sizes
The sizes were introduced by Breyer, but are used also by others
Tr -Traditional. The largest of the Breyer sizes. 1:8 or 1:9, somliga något större.
Cl - Classic. Breyer's second largest size. 1:12.
LB - Little Bits. Breyer's second smallest size. 1:20.
Sm - Stablemate. Breyer's smallest size. Sometimes called "mini".1:32.
MM - Micro Mini. Not a Breyer size! 1:64

The model's condition
OF -Original Finish -no change have been made from the original
ret - retouched. A smaller change, such as nail polish on the hooves or an added sock
rep -repainted. The horse has been repainted.
rr -repainted + remade. Painted and remde. The horse's position or muscles has been resculpted + the horse has been painted.
rh -repainted + rehaired. Painted and haired. The horse has been given new hair and has been repainted. The horse can be either of the type false hair (mohair for instance) or sculpted. Some doesn't consider that sculpted mane and tail falls under rh, but under rr.
rrh - repainted + remade + rehaired. Haired, resculpted and haired.
cust -customized. Remade in some manner.

TR -Test Run. Before a company decides to make a horse in a certain colour they can make a number of test runs to see how the horse looks in that colour. Sometimes the result is used, sometimes not. The Test Runs are often sold at auctions for a lot of money.
SR - Special Run. A limited edition of a model in a certain color, often for a specific company or liveshow.
SS - Show Special. A limited edition of a model in a certain color or a special model made for one (or several) liveshows
LE -Limited Edition. A limited edition.

Breed, gender, "status" (model, real or DO)
A - Often Arab, as in LBAS; Little Bits Arabian Stallion. It can mean other things as well, but Arab can be a good first guess.
And -Andalusian
ASB -American Saddlebred
QH -Quarter Horse
TB -Thoroughbred
SE - Straight Egyptian. Bloodline within the Arab breed
PP - Pure Polish. Bloodline within the Arab breed
SR - Straight Russian. Bloodline within the Arab breed
SS - Straight Spanish. Bloodline within the Arab breed
M -Mare. Often in combination with other abbreviations, for instance SmAM; Stablemate Arabian Mare. It can also mean other things, but Mare can be a good first guess
S -Stallion. Often in combination with other abbreviations, for instance SmAS; Stablemate Arabian Stallion. It can also mean other things, but Stallion can be a good first guess.
DO - Details Only. A pedigree without a model.
< -m - Model. In pedigrees a 'm' is often written next to horses that are models
-r - Real. In pedigree a 'r' is often written next to horses that are real.

Specific models
DH -Draft Horse, most common SMDH - Stablemate Draft Horse
FAF - Family Arabian Foal, Tr. FAF
FAM - Family Arabian Mare, Tr. FAM
FAS - Family Arabian Stallion, Tr. FAS
MM - Morgan Mare, SMMM
ISHS - Ideal Stock Horse Stallion
MoW - Man O'War. Breyer has two Man O'War-models, Cl. MoW and Tr. MoW
MS - Morgan Stallion, SMMS
PAF - Proud Arabian Foal, Tr.PAF
PAM - Proud Arabian Mare, Tr.PAM
PAS - Proud Arabian Stallion, Tr.PAS
Sw - Swaps. Breyer has two Swaps-models, Cl. Swaps and Sm.Swaps
SHF - Stock Horse Foal, Tr. SHF
SHM - Stock Horse Mare, Tr. SHM
SHS - Stock Horse Stallion, Tr. SHS
SS - Silky Sullivan

Thanks for looking!!!