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MTRA Results

of the German BBI meets.


Great Week:

1. ITR Goldene Peitsche, G2, 3/up, 1200m, Euros65.000

Steward: Natta

Purses: Euros65.000 (40.000/15.000/6.000/4.000)

Turf, good;                  Time:1:08,06


1st (2L)/3 Dusty Diamond (KHU) 03 blkF Sp/LSp (Acatenango –r x Dawn Side –r, Bold Forbes) B: real, O: Karin Huber, Phoenix Stables/GER ~ pp2, 56.5kg, off the pace most of the race, shot to the front.


2nd (3cel)/3 OnceOnThisIsland 06 b f/rSpW/PAG (Dubai Destination –r x Onceinabluemoon, Go For Gin –r) ~pp3, 56kg, tried to take it w-t-w, couldn`t hold off DD.


3rd (--)/3 Qiang (KHU) 04 chF MdnW (Acatenango –r x Quila –r, Unfuwain) B: real, O: Karin Huber, Phoenix Stables/GER ~ pp1, 56.5kg, overwhelmed.




2. ITR Grosser Preis von Baden, G1, 3/up, 2400m, Euros800.000

Steward: Natta 

Purses: Euros

Turf, good;                  Time:1:36,06


1st (cel)/3 Bolt Usain (KHU) 06 blkC MG1Sp (Galileo –r x Bordhigera –r, Alysheba), B: real, O: Karin Huber, Phoenix Stables/IRE. ~ pp1, 56kg, gritty in stretch battle, found something extra to pull in front for the win.


2nd (1L)/3 High Fall (KHU) 05 bayC G1SW (Montjeu –r x Hold On –r, Surumu) B: real, Ammerland Stud/GER, O: Karin Huber, Phoenix Stables/GER. ~pp3, 60kg, led from the gate, just lost the batlle for the lead.


3rd (--)/3 Alyrad 02 b h/wnr/PAG (Keen –r x Alywow –r, Alysheba) ~pp2, 60kg, couldn`t catch top two.




3. Kronimus Rennen, 2yo, Listed Stakes, 1200m, Euros20.000,

Steward: Daralyn

Purses: Euros20.000 (12.000, 5.000, 2.000, 1.000)

Turf, good;                  TIME 1:08.33

1st (1L)/3 ~ Parfait Twist (ADA) 07 Chst F/SW (Swaine [IRE]-r x Kastoria [IRE]-r, Selkirk) Br: real/cr by A. Daeschlein ~ ran a classic race, letting the other two battle it out for most of the race, then came up in the stretch to win going away.10,000


2nd (2-1/2L)/3 ~ I'm Batman [JPN] (PAG) 07 BlkC/fts (Black Hawk -r x I Am The Winner -r, Danzig Connection) Br: Real, cr. by P.A. Gerschler ~ out first, looked to take it all the way, but tired in the stretch and couldn`t hold off the wnr, good first experience.6500


3rd (--)/3 ~ Select Me (KHU) 07 Blk F /fts (Monsun -r x Select Cross, Cape Cross -r) Br. Phoenix Stables/GER ~ game effort, up near pacesetter early, tiring late, just needs more experience.3500




4. Preis vom Oberrhein, 3/up, Allowance, 1400m, Euros10.500              

Canceled! (Only 1 entry)


5. Preis vom Alten Schloss, 4/up, Allowance, 1800m, Euros6.000

Steward: Karin

Purses: Euros6.000 (3.550, 1.450, 650, 350)

Turf, good;                  Time:1:51,39

1: (3L) Thunderstruck (PAG) 06 dk b c/SpW/PAG (Richter Scale -r x Jostle -r, Brocco) ~pp1, fast start, took it wire to wire. Earnings: Euros3,550.


2: (hd) Powerline (PAG) 01 ch h/wnr/PAG (Pivotal -r x Heavenly Ray -r, Rahy) ~pp3, short head in front of Brilliant, showed some will to win and fought down to the wire. Earnings: Euros1,450


3: (--) Brlliant (PAG) 04 b c/wnr/PAG (Rainbow Quest -r x Dancing Genius, Beau Genius -r) ~pp2, never gave up fighting Powerline. Good efford. Earnings: Euros650.