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Offspring of my Stallions

Here you can see the offspring of my stallions. Most of the foals stand at Phoenix, but there are a few foals bred by other farms.

If you wanna breed one of your mares to my stallion, look at the "Stallions & Breeding Info" page for further information, pedigrees, pics, show records, ect.

Thanks and enjoy the beautiful babies...

PS Shahin Al Nabih (Al Shuruf -r x AR Ninive -r)

Aasifaliberty-KH-1.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany  CIMG1663.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany

Yad Al Jauza Albadeia OA

Leil Albadeia OA

Jalal Ya-Allah

D4.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany 

PS Hilal Al Shaqab