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Stable News


Show Season:


Well, show season has started and I entered my horses. And what should I say? They did so well so far. I`m really pleased :-)

EHS Studio Showoff Photo Show - Results

Total Entries: 598


Templado II: Spanish (76): 2nd place

FL Khalida Shakira: Light (106): 1st place

PS Faridah Zafirah: Light (106): 9th place

Runner Up Breed: FL Khalida Shakira


FL Khalida Shakira: Solid Bay, Brown, Chestnut (147): 5th place

PS Faridah Zafirah: Solid Grey, Black (117): 1st place

Runner Up Color: PS Faridah Zafirah



PS Faridah Zafirah: Mare (170): 4th place

AR Thurayyah: Mare (170): 8th place

FL Khalida Shakira: Mare (170): 10th place

Khamasin: Foal (66): 1st place

Champion Gender: Khamasin

Runner Up of Show: Khamasin




FL Khalida Shakira & PS Farida Zafira

Templado II

MTRA News:

On the Phoenix Stables (PS) winter press converence the owner was proud to announce the latest news about this breeding and racing operation.


The Phoenix Stables Stud Farms are located around the world, from Europe to the US, Asia and even South Africa, making sure, to get the finest bloodlines from all over the world.

That this concept works, showed the 2009 success:

“With 11 SWs or GSWs , including 1 multi-millionaire and 1 millionaire in 2009, we look forward to the 2010 season.” says the owner.

The German stud farm even holds race meets at one of the most beautiful tracks in Europe since October, 2009.


The future is secure with a big broodmare band.

(this is fictional - not real- horse racing - to learn more about MTRA visit the link  http://decors.se/mtra/index.htm  )


My arabian showstring will enter the rings again in 2010. After a year off, we try to continue our success in the ring.