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All Arabian Event 2010


Entry Fee: none, it`s free.

Entries: No limit, enter as many, as you want. Except for the Partbred classes only Arabian modelhorses are allowed to enter.

Partbred Arabians can only enter the following classes: #16, #17, #18, #19 – 29, #56 – 60.



                        Horses name, age, color, gender, mold/ make,

owners initials, owners email address.


Prices: I *try* to do certificates, which will be send via email, so you can print them out.


How to enter: You can enter via uploading your pics into photobucket. Please make sure, you enter your picture in the correct division. PLEASE, be fair and do not delate other ones entries!

Go to http://photobucket.com/ 

Username is: AllArabianEvent2010

Password is: **please ask** You can find it on MH$P, Allgemeines Modellpferdeforum and Modelhorselove


Click on: All Albums

Choose the class, you want to enter and follow the instructions.

Don`t forget to label your entry correctly.


You can enter from now till September, 19th.


Thanks for entering and I hope, you enjoy the show! J

Also, a huge thank you to our judges: Kate, Jodi, Lindsey & Kendall!!!


A. Gender: Please enter your horse(s) in the correct Gender (Colt, Filly, Mare, Stallion Gelding) & Make (OF, CM, AR) Class(es).


Colts: Everything from foals to 3year old horses.

Class 1: OF Colts

Class 2: CM Colts

Class 3: AR Colts


Fillies: Everything from foals to 3year old horses.

Class 4: OF Fillies

Class 5: CM Fillies

Class 6: AR Fillies


Mares: Females, which are older than 3 years.

Class 7: OF Mares

Class 8: CM Mares

Class 9: AR Mares


Stallions: Males, which are older than 3 years.

Class 10: OF Stallions

Class 11: CM Stallions

Class 12: AR Stallions


Class 13: OF Gelding

Class 14: CM Gelding

Class 15: AR Gelding


Partbred Arabians: All partbred and other Arabians, such as Shagyas.

Class 16: OF Partbred Arabian

Class 17: CM Partbred Arabian

Class 18: AR Partbred Arabian



B. Performance:


Class 19: Open English Performance: Open for OFs, CMs & ARs

Class 20: Open Western Performance: Open for OFs, CMs & ARs

Class 21: Open Harness: Open for OFs, CMs & ARs

Class 22: Open Other Performance: All other performances (racing,


Showmanship: Handler is optional, but horse has to wear a halter & lead.

Class 23: OF Showmanship

Class 24: CM Showmanship

Class 25: AR Showmanship


Class 26: Bedouine Halter: Headshot with Arabian style halter.

Class 27: Arabian Native Costume

Class 28: Arabian Dancing Costume

Class 29: American Showring Costume


Performance Champion:

Performance Reserve Champion:


C. Fun Classes:


Class 30: Desert Scene: Desert diorama and/or background required.

Class 31: Arabian Family: Dam/foal, sire/foal, sire/dam/foal


Class 32: OF Male Headstudy

Class 33: CM Male Headstudy

Class 34: AR Male Headstudy


            Champion Male Headstudy:

            Reserve Champion Male Headstudy:


Class 35: OF Female Headstudy

Class 36: CM Female Headstudy

Class 37: AR Female Headstudy


            Champion Female Headstudy

            Reserve Champion Female Headstudy


D. Colour Classes


Class 38: OF Light Dapple Grey

Class 39: CM Light Dapple Grey

Class 40: AR Light Dapple Grey

Class 41: OF Medium Dapple Grey

Class 42: CM Medium Dapple Grey

Class 43: AR Medium Dapple Grey

Class 44: OF Dark Dapple Grey

Class 45: CM Dark Dapple Grey

Class 46: AR Dark Dapple Grey


            Champion OF Dapple Grey

            Reserve Champion OF Dapple Grey

            Champion CM Dapple Grey

            Reserve Champion CM Dapple Grey

            Champion AR Dapple Grey

            Reserve Champion AR Dapple Grey


Class 47: OF Black

Class 48: CM Black

Class 49: AR Black


            Champion OF Black

            Reserve Champion OF Black

            Champion CM Black

            Reserve Champion CM Black

            Champion AR Black

            Reserve Champion AR Black



Class 50: OF Bay/ Brown

Class 51: CM Bay/ Brown

Class 52: AR Bay/ Brown


            Champion OF Bay/ Brown

            Reserve Champion OF Bay/ Brown

            Champion CM Bay/ Brown

            Reserve Champion CM Bay/ Brown

            Champion AR Bay/ Brown

            Reserve Champion AR Bay/ Brown


Class 53: OF Sorrel/ Chestnut

Class 54: CM Sorrel Chestnut

Class 55: AR Sorrel Chestnut


            Champion OF Sorrel/ Chestnut

            Reserve Champion OF Sorrel/ Chestnut

            Champion CM Sorrel/ Chestnut

            Reserve Champion CM Sorrel/ Chestnut

            Champion AR Sorrel/ Chestnut

            Reserve Champion AR Sorrel/ Chestnut


Class 56: OF Rabicano/ Roan

Class 57: CM/ AR Rabicano/ Roan


            Champion OF Rabicano/ Roan

            Reserve Champion OF Rabicano/ Roan

            Champion CM/ AR Rabicano/ Roan

            Reserve Champion CM/ AR Rabicano/ Roan


Class 58: OF Pintabian

Class 59: CM/ AR Pintabian


            Champion OF Pintabian

            Reserve Champion OF Pintabian

            Champion CM/ AR Pintabian

            Reserve Champion CM/ AR Pintabian


Class 60: OF/ CM/ AR Other Colour


            Champion OF/ CM/ AR Other Colour

            Reserve Champion OF/ CM/ AR Other Colour


            Grand Champion OF Colour

            Reserve Grand Champion OF Colour

            Grand Champion CM Colour

            Reserve Grand Champion CM Colour

            Grand Champion AR Colour

            Reserve Grand Champion AR Colour



Champion - Best in Show Male:

Reserve Champion Male:


Champion - Best in Show Female:

Reserve Champion Female:



Egyptian Event 2007  - Results



Class 1: Of colts (1)

1. Khamasin(KH)


Class 2 CM RESIN Colts (2)

1. PS Najib Ihab (KH)

2. LE Fire (Jw)


3.Resin colts (1)

1. WCD Wahfouza Sweeks(WC)


OF Champion Colt Khamasin (KH)                       Reserve None


CM Champion Colt Lefire (JW)                              Reserve PS Najib Ihab (KH)


Resin Champion Colt: WCD Mahofouza (WCD) Reserve None

Champion Colt of Show PS Najib Ihab (KH)      Reserve: Khamasin (KH)

Class 4 OF Fillies(2)
1.Hayat Bint Adla (KH)

2. Haibane Renmei (JLS)

Class 5. CM Fillies (2)
1. Ameerah Albadeia (KH)
2. PS Sana Al Asma (KH)

Class 6. Resin Fillies (2)
1.WCD Aaliyah (WCD)
2. SKorzala (JW)

OF Champion Filly Hayat Bint Adla(KH)                    Reserve Haibane Remei(JLS)

CM Champion Filly PS Sana Al Asma (KH)              Reserve Ameerah Albadeia (KH)

Champion Resin Filly Wcd Aaliyah                            Reserve Skorzala(JW)


Champion Filly of Show: WCD AAliyah (WCD)       Reserve Hayat Bint Adla (KH)



Class 7. OF Mares (12)
1. Jupiters daughter (JLS)

2. Desert Rose (skn)

3. Wcd Al-Amhar

4. Queen Latifah (SKN)

5. Nadija (SKN)
6.Gulbahan (SKN)

7. Azraff Amaltheia (SH)

8. Nejma (skn)
9. Adla Bint Tee (KH)

10. Azraff Khryseis (SH)

Class 8. CM Mares (12)
1. Ahvaz Bayda( SH)

2. PS Murjanah Al Jamilah (KH)

3. Marunka (SH)

4. AZRAff Maemosyie (SH)

5. Glinting Silver(JW)

6. PS Dahma (KH)

7. Padronesque (KH)

8. Sharra (JW)

9. PS Aliah (KH)

10. AL Rayyan (KH)

Class 9. Resin Mares (17)

1. RAUN aLICA (jw)

2. FL Khalida Shakiria (KH)

3. Summer Breeze (JW)

4. AAliya (SH)

5. Aer Miasha (AER)

6. All Her Glory (JW)

7. Forever Amber (JW)

8. Tasha (Jw)

9. FireFly (JW)

10. WCD Hasha Farasha (WCD)

OF Champion Mare Desert Rose (Skn)                       
Reserve Skorzala (JW)

CM Champion Mare PS Murjanah Al Jamilah (KH)     
Reserve Glinting Silver (JW)

Resin Champion Mare Raun Alicia (JW)                     
Reserve Fatimah (JW)

Champion Mare of Show Ahuaz Bayda (JH)              
Reserve of show Fatimah (JW)


Class 10. OF Stallions (23)

1. Omar (Aer)

2. Silver Moon Rising (SKN)

3. Above the Radar (AER)

4. Azraff Vihar (SH)

5. Huckleberry Bay V (KH)

6. Halik (KH)

7. Azraff Mithail (SH)
8. Slipnot (JLS)
9. WCD Alahmar (WCD)

10. Rashid Ahmed (SKN)

Class 11 . CM Stallion (9)

1. PS Shahin Al Nabih (KH)
2. Azraff Theseus (SH)

3. PS Al Tahadd (KH)

4. WCD Sadek Amir (WCD)

5. Yad Al Jauza Albadeia(KH)

6. Azraff Apollow (SH)
7. PS Hilal (KH)

8. Jalal Ya-Allah (KH)

9. Sanjieo (JLS)

Class 12. Resin Stallions (10)

1. Aer Imperial ZAharrah (AER)

2. Aer Dajn Allah  

3. WCd Mona Riyah

4.AER Sterling Zahadi(AER)

5. Aer Dakar

6. Azraff Akhilleus (SH)

7. Wcd Diya Al Din (WCD)

8. AER Majeed Dimaar (AER)

9. WCD Leil Sayad (WCD)

10. Azraff Aiolos (Sh)

OF Champion Stallion Aer Omar                              
Reserve Of Stallion WCD AL Ahmar

CM Champion Stallion PS Shahin Al Nabih (KH)    Reserve CM Stallion WCD Sadek Amir

Resin Champion Stallion AER Imperial Zaharra     Reserve Resin Champion stallion WCD Ibn Al Riyah

Champion Stallion of Show PS Shahin AL Nabih (KH)    Rerseve champion Stallion AER Amir



Class 13 OF Geldings (10)

1. Aer Ibn Inglehook (AER)

2. Azraff Orestes (SH)

3. SLS Hylite Freedom

4. Aer Mahoganeigh (AER)

5. Running with the Demon (Seifer)

6. SLS Dun Dyltylite

7. Black Lion (JLS)

8. Serpent Mage (JLS)

9. Final Reign (JLS)

10. Azraff Dafnis (SH)

Class 14. CM Geldings (4)

1. Azraff Sirius (SH)

2. Vossler (JLS)

3. Azraff Isildur (SH)

4. Azraff Haidir (SH)

Class 15. Resin Geldings (6)

1. Aer Faraj (AER)

2. Aer Silver sultani (AER)

3. Aer Breathless (AER)

4. Azraff Anduril (SH)
5. AAsifa (AH)


OF Champion Gelding Aer Mahoganeigh       Reserve Ibn Inglehook

CM Champion Gelding   Azraff Sirius            Reserve Vossier (JLS)

Resin Champion Gelding Aer Breathless   
Reserve Aer Faraj

Champion Gelding of Show Aer Faraj Aer   
Reserve Aer Ibn Inglehook



16. Of Partbred (23)
1.SlS Hylites in Motion (SLL)

2. Red destiny (SKN )
3. SLS Painted by Hylite (SLS)

4. Morening Glory (SKN)
5. Asphalt Jungle (JLS)

6. Aer Galiel
7.Great Oaks Pinch Me I'M Dreaming (AH)
8. Azraff Lason (SH)
9. Ghirardelli (SKN)
10 Aer Pie Alamode

Class 17. CM Partbred(6)

1. Shagga (KH)

2. Azzayani (KH)

3. Aer Kharysma

4. Hofeherke (SH)

5. Narcisz (SH)

6. SLS Champagn's Hylite

Class 18 Resin Partbred (11)

1. Knock Your Socks Off (JW)

2. Aer Panjah

3. WCd Nashita (WCD)

4. Krappy Appy (JW)

5. Freddom Love (JW)

6. Azraff Orion (SH)

7. Azraff Geia (SH)

8. Aer Acew of Spades

9. Jasmine (JW)
10. Assad (JW)

OF Champion Partbred Great Oaks Pinch Me I'm dreaming          Reserve Aer Siraj

CM Champion Partbred Hofeherke                   
Reserve Shagga (KH)

Resin Champ Partbred Freedom Love              
Reserve Assad

Champion Partbred of Show Freedom Love     Reserve Hofeherke


19. Open English (4)
1. Aer Silver Sultani

2. Azraff Sirius(SH)

3. Aer Kharysma

4. Bint Sayarah(SH)

Class 20. Open Western (9)

1. Aer Silver Sultan

2. Poco Nemesis(JW)

3. Aer Miasha

4. Ultimate Star(JW)
5. Lacy Lady(JW)

6. WCD Bahiya Yamha

7. Freddom Love(JW)
8. McCoy's Boy(JW)

9. Kis Farag(SH)

Class 21. Other Performance (11)

1. Navigator (Aer)

2. Azraff Huszor (SH)

3. Azraff Akhilkus (SH)

4. Aer Silver Sultan

5. Azraff Sirius (SH)

6. Azraff Gaia (SH)

7. Aer Imperial Zaharrah

8. Jalal Ya-Allah (KH)

9. Azraff Theseus (SH)

10. PS Al Tahadd (KH)



Class 22. Bedouine Halter (22)

1. Forever Amber (JW)

2. Nazella (JW)

3. Serenity

4. Midnight Echo (JW)

5. Tasha

6. Rob Roy

7. Cajen Bey
8. Inshalla (JW)

9. McCoys Boy (JW)

10. Freedom Love (JW)

Class 23.Arabian Costume (16)

1. Big Too Doo (JW)
2.WCD El Nadya Nefous

3. Forever Amber (JW)

4. Aer Silver Sultani

5. Midnight Echo (JW)

6. Aer Jharraan
7.Wcd Sea

8. Aer Dakar

9. Nazalla (JW)

10. WCD Diya Al Din

Class 24.
Desert Scene (4)

1. Wcd Hasna Farasha (WCD)
2. FL Khalida Shakira (KH)

3. Wcd Mahfouza

4. El Nadya Nefous

Class 25. Arab Family (4)

1. Mare and Foal (JW)

2. PS Murjanah Al Jamilah (KH)

3. Wcd Nashita

4. WCd El Nadya Nefous

Class 26. Most Classic Head Male (30)

1. Ultimate Star (JW)

2. Yad Al Jauza Albadeia (KH)

3. PS Shahin Al Nabih (KH)

4. Midnight Echo (JW)

5. Aer faraj

6. Jalal Ya-Allah (KH)

7. WCD Sadek Amir

8. PS Najib Ihab (KH)

9. Wcd Ibn Al Riyah

10. McCoy's Boy (JW)


Class 27. Classic Head Female (10)
1. PS Aliah (KH)

2. PS Murjanah-Al Jamilah (KH)

3. Wcd Hasna Farasha

4. Wcd El Nadya Nefous

5. Simeon Safyia (KH)

6. Guibahan (SKN)

7. PS Faridah Zafirah (KH)
8. Morgana Bint Kallisto (KH)

9.PS Dahmas (KH)

10. FL Khalida Shakira (KH)

Champion Performance Aer Silver                    
Reserve Navigator

Best in Show Male Champion Aer Omar         Reserve Aer Imperial Zaharrah

Best in Show Female Raun Alicia                     
Reserve PS Murjanah Al Jamilah



Congrets to the winners! See ya next year!


A big Thank You to our Judge: Sylvia Kulwicki


Sylvia says: Congratulations to winners !! Such nice arabians(Sigh)

Egyptian Event 2007

Here we go again: The Egyptian Event 2007! Allowed to enter are all Arabian Horses in Classes 1 - 15 and in classes 19 - 27. Partbred Arabians only in Classes 16 - 18. Partbred Arabians are all crossbreed and mixed breed Arabians (like Shagya Arabians, Arab - Barbs, Pintabians, Araaloosas, ect.).

Colts & Fillies are horses to 3 years of age. Mares & Stallions are 4 years and up.

Make sure, your horse is entered in the right devision (OF, CM or Resin). 

Photos please not larger than 380 pxls.

One photo per horse per class.  5 photos per person per class. PLEASE; Don`t touch photos, that aren`t yours!!!

Add the following information with your photo: Horses name, horses`age, your initials, your email address.

For the CM classes please include the following information: Horses`name, horses`age, mold & customizer, your initials, your email address. For example: Desert Song, 4, Breyer Khemosabi & Lizzy Horselover, KH, email address.

For the performance classes include the following descripton: Horse`s name, horses`age, what the horse is doing, your initials, your email address.

Upload your photos on http://photobucket.com/ with username: Egyptian_Event    and password:  arabian

Entry close is August, 8th, 2007. Results will be posted here and on MH$P.

Thanks and enjoy the show!  Classlist below.

Class #1: OF Colts

Class #2: CM Colts

Class #3: Resin Colts

Class #4: OF Fillies

Class #5: CM Fillies

Class #6: Resin Fillies

Champion Colt & Reserve Champion Colt

Champion Filly & Reserve Champion Filly

Class #7: OF Mares

Class #8: CM Mares

Class #9: Resin Mares

Champion Mare & Reserve Champion Mare

Class #10: OF Stallions

Class #11: CM Stallions

Class #12: Resin Stallions

Champion Stallion & Reserve Champion Stallion

Class #13: OF Geldings

Class #14: CM Geldings

Class #15: Resin Geldings

Champion Gelding & Reserve Champion Gelding

Class #16: OF Partbred Arabians

Class #17: CM Partbred Arabians

Class #18: Resin Partbred Arabians

Champion Partbred Arabian & Reserve Champion Partbred Arabian

Class #19: Open English Pleasure

Class #20: Open Western Pleasure

Class #21: Other Performance

Champion Performance Arabian & Reserve Champion Performance Arabian

Class #22: Bedouine Halter

Class #23: Bedouine Custome

Class #24: Desert Scene

Class #25: Arabian Family

Class #26: Most Classic Head Male

Class #27: Most Classic Head Female

Best in Show male Champion & Reserve Champion

Best in Show female Champion & Reserve Champion


Results of the Egyptian Event 2006


Class #1: OF Colts

1. Khamasin, KH

2. Raja, MC



Class #2: CM Colts

1. LC Dezi, AN

2. WCD Mahfouza, SG

3. Enam, SH


Class #3: OF Fillies

1. Bey Aali, CH

2. CPS Diamond D'lite, B. Kranz

3. Hayat Bint Adla, KH

4. Fohlen, SG

5. LF Ice Song, MC


Class #4 CM Fillies

1. WCD Aaliyah, SG

2. Habeeba, NC

3. Bint Bint Sabahat. NC

4. Ameerah Albediah, KH

5. WCD Lina Shadon, SG 


Class #5 OF Stallions:

1. CPS Halima's El Psyche, BK

2. CPS Darkest Of All, BK

3. Gwaihir, NB

4. Azzam Bilal, AN

5. CPS Diamond Reflection, BK

6. Asilraf Halim Amir, AN

7. Azraff Gimli, SH

8. Shahid, NC

9. Hahmool, NC

10. Peace, KH



Class #6 CM Stallions

1. WCD Sadek Amir, SG

2. Ashquar-Bourkan, NC

3. Palantir, SH

4. Malik, AN

5. Nebra, NC

6. PS Hilal, KH

7. Amir, NC

8. PHR Daamani, NC

9. Khalique, SH

10. Zaim El Nabil, MC



Class #7 Resin Stallions

1. Al Shaybani, AM

2. Saki, JF

3. Jayiid Quablah, JF

4. Azraff Akhilleus, SH

5. Lodz, NC

6. Benghazi, NC

7. Oranienbaum, NC

8. Jahanshah, JF

9. Boggart, JF

10.WCD Diya al Din, SG



Class #8 OF Mares

1. Naadi Bint Banat, NC

2. Adla Bint Tee, KH

3. Azraff Amaltheia, SH

4. Azraff La Sombra, SH

5. Hamra Sabbara, KH

6. Azraff Khryseis, SH

7. Silver Amulet, NC

8. Bint Sayara, SH

9. CPS Ahamkara, BK

10. Susecion, KH


Class #9 CM Mares

1. Al Rayyan, KH

2. Azraff Mnemosyne, SH

3. WCD Kalila, SG

4. PS Faridah Zafirah, KH

5. Faye, AN

6. Nimr Malika, JF

7. Ahvaz Bayda, SH

8. Cleopatra, SH

9. Padronesque, KH

10. Silvern Suraya, NC



Class #10 Resin Mares

1. Ryaaam, NC

2. Khenya, JF

2. PHR Fa Serrafa, NC

3. Bint Sabahat, NC

4. Nefertiti, SH

5. Leila, MC

6. Mariah's Song, NC

7. WCD Hasna Farasha, SG

8. Ahlam Sayeeda, JF

9. WCD Sarab, SG

10. Naeema, SH


Class #11 OF Geldings

1. Cartouche, NC

2. Tuunja Falek, JF

3. Anzio, NC

4. Egyptian Star, NC

5. CPS Diamond Myne, BK

(no other enteries)


Class #12 CM Geldings

1. Azraff Haldir, SH

2. Stevastopol, NC

3. Azraff Kserkses, SH

4. Azraff Isuldur, SH

5. Al Jawn, JF


Class #13 Resin Geldings

1. WCD Baja, SG

2. Simferol, NC

3. Sidi Bou Zid, NC

4. Pasha Ra, JF

5. WCD Siraj al Din, SG

6. Sidi Barani, NC


Class #14 OF Partbreds

1. Felspar, CH

2. Venus in Copper, SH

3. Solar Nebular, NC

4. Kisses, MC

5. CPS Slice Of Heaven, BK

6. WCD Lameh Boulboul, SG

7. Cody, MC

8. WCD Sharif Daleel, SG

9. Sweet S., MC

10. Azraff Legolas, SH


Class #15: CM Partbreds:

1. WCD Nile Runner, SG

2. Brandi, AN

3. Jahaz, SH

4. Azzyani, KH

5. Alam Halfra, NC

6. Shagya, KH

7. Hofeherke, SH

8. Azraff Iolaus, SH

9. Narcisz, SH

10. CPS Khi-Ann, BK


Class #16: Resin Partbreds

1. WCD Ma-Ajmala, SG

2. Stardust, NC

3. Astrakhan, NC

4. WCD Tequila Sunrise, SG

5. WCD Nashita, SG

6. PHR Solaris, NC

7. CPS Hearts Afire, BK

8. Azraff Orion, SH


Class #17: Open English Pleasure

1. Jayiid Qublah, JF

2. CPS Ahamkara, BK

3. Yad Al Jauza Albad, KH


Class #18: Open Western Pleasure

1. Tuunja Falek, JF

2. WCD Sharif Daleel, SG

3. Yad Al Jauza Albad, KH

4. Jayiid Qublah, JF

5. Solaris, MC


Class #19: Other Performance

1. PS Dahma, KH

2. Diamonds Talk About Charisma, BK


Class #20: Bedouin Halter

1. Bint Sabahat, NC

2. Padron's Image, NC

3. CPS Ahamkara, BK

4. Azzayani, KH

5. CPS Naadirah Firestorm, BK

6. WCDE Inshirah, SG

7. Je'phari, SH


Class #21: Bedouin Costume

1. WCD El Nadya Nefous, SG

2. Nazeer, NC

3. PS Dahma, KH

4. Leila, MC

5. Nebra, NC

6. PS Faridah Zafirah, KH

7. Sidi Bou Zid, NC


Class #22: Bedouin Scene

1. PS Murjanah Al Jamila, KH

2. PS Faridah Zafirah, KH

3. Azzayani, KH

4. PS Hilal, KH

5. WCD El Nadya Nefous, SG

6. PS Shahin Al Nabihat, KH


Class #23: Arabian Family

1. Bint Sabahat and foal, NC

2. WCD Ma'Ajmala and WCD Mahfouza, SG

3. PS Murjanah Al Jamilah and PS Sana Al Asama, KH

4. Bey Aai\li, Bint Araan, Basq and Araan, CH


Class #24: Most Classic Head Male

1. Al Shaybani, AM

2. WCD Diya Al Din, SG

3. Simferol, NC

4. Amir, NC

5. Sidi Bou Zid, NC

6. PHR Raja, NC

7. Yad Al Jauza Albadeia, KH

8. Syraya Russa, NC

9. Jahanshah, JF

10. CPS Gotta Lotta Love, BK



WCD Sadek Amir, SG


Grand Champion Stallion                         Reserve Champion Stallion

WCD Sadek Amir, SG                             Al Shaybani, AM



Grand Champion Mare                             Reserve Champion Mare

Rayaaam, NC                                            Al Rayyan, KH


Thanks everyone for entering!


Hi there!


I want to hold a photoshow for arabians & partbred arabians.

Be sure to read the entry rules carefully and then – have fun!


Here we go:


Egyptian Event 2006


Entry Rules:


Classes #1 – 13 and 22-25 are for Arabian horses ONLY.

Partbred Arabians can be entered in classes 14-21 ONLY.

Partbred Arabians are all crossbreed Arabians (Shagya Arabians, Arab Barbs, Pintabians, Araloosas, ect.).

Class #26 Liberty: Horse should be in action (no standing horses), not halter or handler.


Make sure, your horse is entered in the right devision (of, cm or Resin).

Phtos please not larger than 350x350 pxls.

One photo per horse per class.

Put the following information at the description:

Horses Name, your initials, your email address.


For the performance classes (#17 - #19) put the following information:

Horses Name, your initials, your email address, what the horse is doing.


Thanks to our judge Abby from SuperNovaStudios.


Closing Date is September 15th.

Results will be posted on MH$P and on my homepage http://www.baukasten.homepage.eu/phoenixstables





#1 of Colts

#2 cm Colts


Champion Colt

Reserve Champion Colt


#3 of Fillies

#4 cm Fillies


Champion Filly

Reserve Champion Filly


#5 of Stallions

#6 cm Stallions

#7 Resin Stallions


Champion Stallion

Reserve Champion Stallion


#8 of Mares

#9 cm Mares

#10 Resin Mares


Champion Mare

Reserve Champion Mare


#11 of Geldings

#12 cm Geldings

#13 Resin Geldings


Champion Gelding

Reserve Champion Gelding


#14 of Partbred Arabian

#15 cm Partbred Arabian

#16 Resin Partbred Arabian


Champion Partbred Arabian

Reserve Champion Partbred Arabian


Supreme Champion

Supreme Reserve Champion


Supreme Championesse

Reserve Supreme Championesse


The Champions will be chosen from their classes.

Supreme Champions will be chosen from the Champions of the classes.



#17 Open English Pleasure

#18 Open Western Pleasure

#19 Other Performance (racing, driving, ...)


#20 Bedouine Halter

#21 Bedouine Costume

#22 Bedouine Scene


#23 Arabian Family


#24 Most Classic Head Male

#25 Most Clssic Head Female


#26 Liberty


How to enter:

Go to http://photobucket.com/

Log in as 1egyptianevent2006

Password: Arabian

Click on the album Egyptian event 2006

Choose the classes you want to enter & upload your photos.


 Just a few explanations for the use of photobucket.

1. Go to http://photobucket.com/

2. Log in as username: 1egyptianevent2006      and password: arabian

3. click on the blue "egyptian event 2006"

4. There will be the classlist (also in blue). Click on the class you want to enter your horse in. Wait till the class has opened.

5. Upload your pic(s).

6. Go back to the classlist and choose the next class you want to enter. Open the next class & upload your pic(s) and so on.

7. To edit your pics (description with name, email address ect. or resizing) you can click on "edit" above your uploaded picture. Do your description ect. Don`t forget to press the upload or resize button to save your description or resizing.

There are still some pics in the wrong devision.


PLEASE be careful with other people`s pics. Don`t remove them.

If the uploading space is filled, please contact me via email.


Phoenix Stables is holding its first photo show:

The Egyptian Event 2005

Results Egyptian Event 2005



Class # 1: of Colts


1st (Champion of Colt):  Khamasin - KH

2nd (Reserve of Colt): dp. Exotica - DP




Class #2: cm Colts


1st (Champion cm Colt): Azraff Palantir - SH

2nd (Reserve Champion cm Colt): LV Dewar - DP

3rd: LV Cado - DP

4th:  WCD Marah - SG

5th:  NMW Dodge This - NMW

6th:  dp. Final Affair - DP



Supreme Champion Colt: Azraff Palantir - SH

Supreme Reserve Champion Colt: LV Dewar - DP



Class # 3: of Filly  no entries



Class # 4: cm Filly


1st (Champion cm Filly): WCD Kamilah Johara - SG

2nd (Reserve Champion cm Filly): Un-Wrap Me-CS

3rd: Azraff Antiope - SH

4th: SK Habeeba - NC

5th:  WCD Mahfouza - SG

6th:  Emira - AN

7th: SBV Al Shama - JW

8th: SK Sassy Dancer - NC

9th: PS Sana Al Asma - KH

10th:  Ameerah Albadeia - KH


Supreme Champion Filly: WCD Kamilah Johara - SG

Supreme Reserve Champion Filly: Un-Wrap Me-CS



Class # 5: of Stallion


1st (Champion of Stallion): Bellagio - SK

2nd (Reserve of Stallion): Handsome - SK

3rd: Hasheem Jamaal - MJH

4th:  Marwan el Jamaal - MJH

5th:  SK Leptis Magna - NC

6th: Aer Great Xpectations - AR

7th: Tango Beat - SK

8th: Silver Moon Rising - SK

9th: WCD Eblis Dahleel - SG

10th: Azraff Pyrrhos - SH


Class # 6: cm Stallions


1st (Champion cm Stallion): Shazrah Padron - MJH

2nd (Reserve Champion cm Stallion): SK Ashquar-Bourkan - NC

3rd:  Al Minrah - MJH

4th:  WCD Al-Ashab - SG

5th: SK Egyptian Mirage - NC

6th: Ibn Maximuss - MJH

7th: Musta Ibn Hosna - SH

8th: JJS Prince Ali - DHG

9th: SBV Blue Boy - JW

10th: dp. Foolish Fire - DP



Class # 7: Resin Stallions


1st (Champion Resin Stallion): SK Lodz - NC

2nd (Reserve Champion Resin Stallion): Aer Majeed Dinaar - AR

3rd: Azrafel Ibn Shai

4th: SK Ansata Sensation - NC

5th: SK Nazeer - NC

6th: SK Shahwan - NC

7th: Aer Mirajah -- AR

8th: Aer Faraj - AR

9th: Aer Twist of Fate - AR

10th:  SBV Inshalla - JW


Supreme Champion Stallion: SK Lodz - NC

Supreme Reserve Champion Stallion: Shazrah Padron - MJH



Class # 8: of Mares


1st (Champion of Mare): Gülbahan - SK

2nd (Reserve Champion of Mare): Amanda - SK

3rd: SK Silver Amulet - NC

4th: WCD Habib Fouad - SG

5th: Justine - SK

6th: Blackrosevalley's sweet dreams-KM

7th: Nejma - SK

8th: Desert Rose - SK

9th: SBV Shakana Glory - JW

10th: WCD Lameh Boulboul - SG



Class # 9: cm Mares


1st (Champion cm Mare): Ahvaz Bayda - SH

2nd (Reserve Champion cm Mare): WCD Kalila - SG

3rd: Lytah Bint Shahil

4th: SK Sea of Nectar - NC

5th: NMW Malibu Dreamin -NMW

6th: PS Murjanah Al Jamilah - KH

7th: SK Sea of Dreams - NC

8th: PS Dahma - KH

9th:  NMW Bint of Majestic Silver Sands - NMW

10th:  PS Faridah Zafirah - KH


Class # 10: Resin Mares


1st (Champion Resin Mare): SK Bahariya - NC

2nd (Reserve Champion Resin Mare): Bint Khalifa - MJH

3rd: WCD Hasna Farasha & Asima - SG

4th: WCD Ma'Ajmala - SG

5th: WCD Husniyah Amira - SG

6th: Hind Fawziyyah

7th: Bint Zagrobla - MJH

8th: WCD Baha - SG

9th: SK Bint Sabahat - NC

10th: SBV Forever Amber - JW


Supreme Champion Mare: SK Bahariya - NC

Supreme Reserve Champion Mare: Ahvaz Bayda - SH



Class # 11: of Geldings


1st (Champion of Gelding): SK Anzio - NC

2nd (Reserve Champion of Gelding): Mujahid Asaad - MJH

3rd: Padrons Mirage - MJH

4th: Shadeek Padron - MJH

5th: Aya Benzer - SK

6th: Aer Ibn Inglenook -- AR

7th: SK Egyptian Star - NC

8th: Ibn Gazal - MJH

9th: Ibn Ishtahar - MJH

10th: Shah Azim - MJH


Class # 12: cm Geldings


1st (Champion cm Gelding): SK Sevastopol - NC

2nd (Reserve Champion cm Gelding): dp. Reckless - DP




Class # 13: Resin Geldings


1st (Champion Resin Gelding): WCD Kahli - SG

2nd (Reserve Champion Resin Gelding): WCD Nadeem - SG

3rd: WCD El-Marees - SG

4th: Aer Breathless - AR

5th: WCD Faris Askouri - SG

6th: SK Sidi Barani - NC

7th: SBV Romantic - JW

8th: SBV Status Symbol-JW

9th: Romantic-EMP



Supreme Champion Gelding: WCD Kahli - SG

Supreme Reserve Champion Gelding: SK Sevastopol - NC



Class # 14: Open English Pleasure


1st (Champion English Pleasure): Aer Kharysma - AR

2nd (Reserve Champion English Pleasure): High Treason++ - DP

3rd: SBV Mr. Jazz Man - JW

4th: dp. Reckless - DP

5th: Snow White - AN

6th: NMW NoWhere Near Mars - NMW

7th: NMW Bint of Majestic Silver Sands - NMW

8th: NMW Long Awaited Dream - NMW



Class # 15: Open Western Pleasure


1st (Champion Western Pleasure): High Treason++ - DP

2nd (Reserve Champion Western Pleasure): Sharif Daleel - SG

3rd: NMW Malibu Dreamin - NMW

4th: NMW Long Awaited Dream - NMW

5th: SBV Poco Nemesis - JW

6th: SBV Romantic - JW

7th: SBV Rob Roy - JW

8th: SBV El Alamein - JW

9th: NMW Bint of Majestic Silver Sands - NMW

10th: Photo Show, 18



Class # 16: Bedouine Halter


1st (Champion Bedouine Halter): SBV McCoy's Boy - JW

2nd (Reserve Champion Bedouine Halter): SBV Dragon Fire - JW

3rd: SBV Inshalla - JW

4th: SBV Tasha - JW

5th: SBV King's Ransom - JW

6th: SBV Freedom Lover -JW

7th: The Green - KH

8th: SBV Rob Roy - JW

9th: Suscesion-AL

10th: Bora Bora-AL



Class # 17: Bedouine Costume


1st (Champion of Colt): Aer Breathless - AR

2nd (Reserve of Colt): Aer Twist of Fate - AR

3rd: SBV Inshalla - JW

4th: SBV Asad - JW

5th: WCD Diya al Din - SG

6th: SK Nazeer - NC

7th: SK Egyptian Mirage - NC

8th: Mahjong

9th: Sultan-AL

10th: Summer Breeze-AL



Class # 18: Most Classic Head Male


1st (Champion Classic Head male): Aer Faraj - AR

2nd (Reserve Champion Classic Head male): SK Ansata Sensation - NC

3rd: Marrakesh

4th: Aer Breathless - AR

5th: Aer Majeed Dinaar - AR

6th: SK Sevastopol - NC

7th: Azrafel Ibn Shai

8th: Shazrah Padron - MJH

9th: SBV Ultimate Star - JW

10th: Aer Imperial Zaharrah - AR



Class # 19: Most Classic Head female


1st (Champion Classic Head female): Hind Fawziyyah

2nd (Reserve Champion Classic Head female): SBV Shakana Glory - JW

3rd: SBV Bint Al Sahara - JW

4th: Summer Breeze - JW

5th: SBV Tasha - JW

6th: WCD Hasna Farasha - SG

7th: Bint Khalifa - MJH

8th: Bint Zagrobla - MJH

9th: SK Bint Sabahat - NC

10th: SBV Forever Amber - JW



Supreme Champion Classic Head: Aer Faraj - AR

Supreme Reserve Champion Classic Head: Hind Fawziyyah


Class # 20: Bedouine Scene


1st (Champion Bedouine Scene): SB Inshalla - JW

2nd (Reserve Champion Bedouine Scene): Silk Road diorama featuring WCD Diya al Din - SG

3rd: SBV Forever Ali -JW

4th: Off Broadway at Master's Tent - JW

5th: SBV Tasha & SBV Raun Alia at Oasis - JW



Class # 21: Partbred Arabian


1st (Champion Partbred): SBV KrappyAppy - JW

2nd (Reserve Partbred): Aer Kharysma - AR

3rd: SBV Freedom Lover - JW

4th: Azraff Iason - SH

5th: Aer Pie Alamode - AR

6th: SBV Egyptian Sundowner - JW

7th: SBV Rose to the Challenge - JW

8th: SBV Golden Opportunity - JW

9th: Azraff Legolas - SH

10th: Azraff Shadowfax - SH


~Rules and Entry:

- ONLY arabian horses, please!

-Closing date is August 8th

-Please put the following info in every entry: Horse's name,  your name, email

for example:  Huckleberry Bey, Karin Huber, KarinH24@web.de   

- In the Titel of your picture put your horse`s name AND your initials

              for example:  Huckleberry Bey - KH

- Any size model is accepted.

-No entry fee - it's FREE!

- Only one picture per horse per class (not more than one pic from the same horse in one class).

- Entries have to be uploaded in the webshots album. Please follow the instructions:

To upload your photos go to webshots.com and login under username: egyptianevent2005 and the password: arabian. Click on My Photos which is near the top and choose the album you`d like to enter. Then click on the button Add more Photos (in the green edit field on the right side). Follow the uploading instructions.

The entries can be watched under:




- Please be careful with the pictures, don`t remove/ move the photos or albums.


The first webshots album has reached its capacity.

Everbody who wants to enter now, has to upload the pics to

webshots:   egyptianevent2

password: arabian

Thank you!




Halter Classes:


# 1: of colts

# 2: cm colts


Champion Colt

Reserve Champion Colt


# 3: of fillies

# 4: cm fillies


Champion Filly

Reserve Champion Filly


# 5:: of Stallions

# 6: cm Stallions

# 7: resin Stallions


Champion Stallion

Reserve Champion Stallion


# 8:of mares

# 9: cm mares

# 10: resin Mares


Champion Mare

Reserve Champion Mare


# 11: of geldings

# 12: cm geldings

# 13: resin Geldings


Champion Gelding

Reserve Champion Gelding



Performance Classes:


# 14: Open English Pleasure

# 15: Open Western Pleasure

# 16: Bedouine Halter

# 17: Bedouine Costume



Fun Classes:


#18: Most clssic head male

# 19: Most classic head female

# 20: Bedouine Scene


# 21: Partbred Arabians



Have Fun and Good luck!!!