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Baden - Baden Iffezheim

Track Name: Baden-Baden/ Iffezheim (BBI) in Germany

Steward: main steward: K. H.,   MTRA_BBI@web.de   others: various

Location: Germany, at the bottom of the Black Forest,

                  near the French border (about 10 minutes away).

Track Condition. Turf: 11f oval track, 6f straightaway

Any race run 6f or 5f is run straightaway.

All races run on turf.

Limits: 3 horses per person, 2 horses in stakes

Racing is held on Sunday nights. Post time: 18:00.

Purses: various, depends on race

Facilities: Training Stables, Dirt Track for Training, BBAG (TB Auctions), several 100 guest boxes. Horse hospital is also next to the track.

Airport: The next Airport (Baden Airpark) is about 15-20 minutes by car from the track. We often have horses Britain & Ireland flown in for the meets.


Racing at its best – that`s International Racing in Baden-Baden, at the most beautiful track in Germany. In 2008 the race track in Iffezheim at the bottom of the Black Forest has celebrated its 150th year of Thoroughbred Racing. Visit us at http://www.baden-galopp.com/en/index.php



1. No walkovers. If only one horse is entered in a race, it will be moved or scratched.

2. All entries must include Cliff Notes. Format: Horses Name (owners initials), age color sex, highest place(s), (sire x dam, broodmare sire), Breeder.

3. Entries are due at Friday night before the race.

4. All horses must be MTRA registered and have their TNR number noted on their card. All horses out of real mares must have RMR numbers on their card.

5. No first time starters over the age of 5 and no horses over the age of 5 that haven`t started last year. No first time starters in the stakes races, unless it says fts is okay.

6. Graded stakes are called Group stakes. L means Listed race (= ungraded stakes).


Race Meets:


Great Festival Week: September, 13th 2009 

Sales & Racing Festival: November, 2009



German Derby: pending (July 2010)

Spring Festival: May, 2010

Great Festival Week: August & September  2010

Sales & Racing Festival: October 2010



  DSCI0027.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany       DSCI0029.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany

The Track

CIMG1208.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany    CIMG0852.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany

The Grandstand


DSCI0024.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany     CIMG0665.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany
The Paddock                                                                    The Gate

CIMG0669.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany    CIMG0671.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany
Loading...                                                                       Aaaand their`re off!

DSCI0017.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany     CIMG3236.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany
The big screen

CIMG0509.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany      CIMG0482.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany
At the finish line...                                                             After the race

  CIMG1206.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany     CIMG1144.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany


CIMG1205.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany     CIMG1251.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany

Stable Yards

CIMG0608.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany   CIMG0611.jpg picture by phoenixstablesgermany

At the auction