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For Sale:

If you see something you like, please contact me via email

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sold on ebay for 66.00€ to Idar-Oberstein. Congratulations!

Breyer OF, Sham, black, traditional size + beduine halter + book The Black Stallion by Walter Farley, sold on ebay for 66€ to Idar-Oberstein.

Bay Galloping Stallion (Thoroughbred, Shagya or 1/2 blood), resin, over traditional/ large traditional size, with base, sold!!!

In new shape, comes with its original box. A truely splendid creation,showing all the elegance and power of the breed, from the delicate ears and eyes right down to his well formed fetlocks. A light shaded bay in colour being in excellent condition. Factory Resin by Pueblo???

black arabian or thoroughbred foal, traditional size, blue box, lost one ear tip, headed to ebay auction, sold on ebay

Arabian Halter and Chain (horse is not for sale!!!). Available!

Arabian Horse Figurine. About Stable Mate scale; nice horse, but the tail is a bit damaged. Great for customizing. Available!

Nice stable mate scale plastic horse figurine.Bay with black mane, tail & hooves.No breaks but a few small scratches; not too bad. Nice body for customizng, too.

Real Horse Stuff for sale:

various Thoroughbred magazines. New condition.

Arabian postcard set 1 (4 cards).

Arabian postcard set 2 (4 cards).

Arabian postcard set (4 cards).

Postcard set (4 cards).

Arabian horse book, new.

Breyer, Stone & Schleich cataloge lot. New. Sold!!!

Large Racehorse package. Sold!!!

Quarter Horse magazine, new.

Icelandic horse package. Sold!!!

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